Structural Mezzanines & Raised Storage areas are used when you wish to utilise the free space beneath the floor to the maximum without too many verticals in the way. In this kind of floor the entire floor is supported on a number of upright posts bolted to the floor. These floors can be configured for loading capacities starting at 500 kgs per square meter and available for capacities upto 1000 kgs per square meter as required. The floors can be designed with minimal upright columns placed apart in a grid increasing in value as this distance is increased. This simply means that a floor designed on columns spaced 3000mm apart in a grid will be less dearer than a floor designed on columns 6000mm apart. Safety features like railings along all free sides of the mezzanine, pallet access gates and staircases are all provided as per need. The floors can be designed for steel panels as the actual floor finish or structural particle board whatever suits the requirement. Prices based on requirement and size. 

Due to the extreme variability in requirements this product is only priced on application. Details required for costing are
Floor area | Floor finished height | Floor clear height underneath | Minimum column spacing required | Railing required or not and on how many sides | Staircase preferences – required or not, if yes, within floor area or outside area | Floor capacity required for mezzanine – starting at the OH & S recommended minimum of 5KPA or 500 Kgs per metre square | Whether you are going to use a pallet truck on the floor or not