CL Cantilever Racks HD

Cantilever racks are mainly used to store oversized and non-standard sized products like Timber, pipes, rods etc that cannot fit into conventional racks. A versatile system that can be used for storage of Pallets as well as lenghts of heavy material like metal pipes, fire channels, larger packs of timber among other items. The arms can be supplied to carry loads from 600 to 1500 kgs each depending the heaviest pack and how many points the load touches the system.

Our Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack system is available as single and double sided units and the columns can be spaced as per load centre requirement. You can use it to make the best use of a free wall or turn an entire section of the warehouse for goods of non-standard length. A very popular product for outdoor use as well. Prices based on configuration requirement and loads. Please get in touch with us and we will send you the estimate for supply and delivery anywhere in Australia.