SPAR HD Shelving can be used in a myriad of ways as demosntrated below both in Residential and Industrial applications. We have demostrated a few uses below for your understanding but there are many other uses that this shelving can be modified for use.

Garage Shelving/Racks – are used in residential garages to utilize the waste space that is left over after parking your car. A typical 300 cm x 600cm Garage can accommodate these units along the walls and utilized to store temporarily unwanted household items. The rack can easily be stacked with products up to 500kgs on the beams directly so you do not have to worry about over loading it. They racks can be supplied with timber, steel or wire mesh decks to suit all kinds of end users and is an ideal garage rack for those customers wanting to clear up the clutter in their garage and organize their limited free space.

Overbonnet Shelving/Racks – USED in residential garages for the back wall of the garage. To store stuff off the ground and still park your car. The first shelf level starts over the bonnet of the car being parked. Totally unobtrusive and full use of available space.

Basement Storage Shelving/Racks – Our shelving due to to the various configurations available can be installed in small spaces as shown in the images below. They can be purpose made to fit any space. Those waste spaces under the house can be utilised to the maximum with this shelving.

Apartment Garage Shelving – Unit or Apartment garages being small spaces with limited usage can be utilized to the max possible with our shelving/racking range as illustrated in the images below.

Warehouse Shelving– Shelving around your warehouse. We stock many configuration’s and capacities to suit any industry, any type of business with a warehouse.

Shipping Container Shelving – We import purpose made racks for Shipping Container spaces and these can again be configured to any size or space you want to use in a container be it in part or full, one side 2 sides, 3 sides etc

Document Storage Shelving – Most specialist document storage and retreival companies use this kind of shelving for their archive system. The shelving is built around the kind of storage and configuration involved.

Storage Unit Shelving – If you store your excess stuff at rental storage units like Kennards or Storage kind have various sizes of units. We then supply shelving for each different size of those units. You can store a Computer monitor or a sofa set on this shelving and it can be modified to use

Small part storage Shelving – Small part storage Shelving/Racks for small part storage.

Tyre Storage Shelving – Tyre retailers and Distributors alike store their tyre stock on this kind of shelving. They can be used in garages or warehouses and can be configured to suit. You can buy ready stock and pick up today.

Coolroom Shelving – We use our standard powder painted shelving in coolrooms as shown in these images. If the ambient temperature is below 4 degrees or you need shelving for freezers we can get special Galvanised shelving for your requirement –